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craig: so what did you think? that was your first one. >> that was pretty amazing. invigorating. craig: well, i don't use the big words, but thank you. >> i kind of figured. craig: yeah. so -- [laughter] you feel you're ready to take over? [laughter] >> not ready . craig: you're not ready? >> not ready. craig: i don't know, man. i think it might be time. yeah, in fact it is. i'm going to go. you finish the show. [laughter] all right? it will be cool. just relax. you can do it. you can do it. now, the only thing to remember is, remember, remember, don't uh-oh. [laughter]
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i'll see you. you finish up. tell them to have a nice weekend is, something like that. be good. wait until i leave. >> wait until you leave. oh. good night, everybody. [applause]
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. this is 9news now. tonight earl has come and gone for us, but new england is feeling its rath right now. >> the wrath of earl. hey, top, if this wasn't a tropical storm, i guess it would be a nor'easter. >> it would be. and actually some of the nor'easters we've had have done more damage. we'll get right to the map. we're looking at tropical storm warnings from watch hill all the way up into maine. so that is all the hurricane warnings have been discontinued. a lot of showers and thunderstorms are pushing
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northward. in fact, getting hit pretty hard from boston and nantucket all with some pretty good showers and thunderstorms. the wind, well, they're not going to get hit with hurricane force winds. i think the highest wind on nantucket will be probably about 60 miles an hour. maybe 65 miles an hour as the storm passes late tonight. and that will clear maine by early, early tomorrow morning. so, again, earl is now a tropical storm. it is not a hurricane. it is about 60 miles away from nantucket moving off to the northeast at 25. anita. >> all right, topper. thank you. now that earl has passed, many people are hitting the road for this weekend's labor day holiday. let's take a live look at traffic. if you're heading north, we're going to go to a live picture to the new jersey turnpike right at the delaware bridge. a dozen cars on the road right now. they're lined up going through. if you're heading to the eastern shore, you are, of course, most likely to take the chesapeake bay bridge. as you can see, traffic is moving pretty well along there
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at sanity doint. and sandy point. and metro has shut down five stations on the busy red line. that is tacoma, wheaton, glennment and forest glenn. all closed down. crews are doing maintenance and switches along the rail line. we were pretty lucky around here. no effects from earl. but north carolina's outer banks not so fortunate. there was heavy rain, flooded streets, high winds tore apart this peer. didn't leave much behind. right now people are trying to clean up the debris and making sure their homes won't flood later tonight. the storm also created some high surf which is making some other piers feel the pain. the same rip currents will have lifeguards on high alert in ocean city. today waves got as high as 12 feet rushing right up to the sea wall. dozens of people came to watch the show left behind by earl.
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the coast guard sent out the rescue boat. the crews battle with their lines as they train for trouble. lifeguards are now warning everyone to be cautious throughout the weekend. tomorrow is what we're really worried about. spectacular weekend so people want to go to the beach. they'll go to the beach. the water is still going to be treacherous. and we don't want people out there because they can get knocked down, swept away. tonight in virginia beach, things are calm. but the winds were 40 miles an hour a bit earlier out there. earl skirted just far enough off the shore to offer a small taste of what could come as some folks were braving the waves of the the high winds did a bit of damage. the weekend music festival went on without a switch. a gunman sparked excitement in the lobby and took three
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people hostage. folks sounding surprisingly calm. >> where are you located? >> there is a hostage discovery building. discovery. there is someone in the building with guns. >> there are people on the floor on the bidding? -- building. >> yes, i can see them. >> five gunshots in the main lobby of one discovery place. silver spring, maryland. five gunshots. >> he may have his arms to his body. >> he has hostages. >> how many? >> we may have three. three hostages in the situation. >> tonight investigators still looking for the car lee may have driven to the scene. well, the washington humane society says its mission is to protect the animals of dc. but for at least one pet owner, she thinks that statement is a lie. armando trull explains. >> reporter: well, last week vickie swain level her dog at
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this animal shelter run by the pet society so the dog could get spayed. a few days later she found out the dog went missing and she can't find out how. it's been a week, and she is not getting any answers. >> my dog is like my babies. if your child was missing and you left your child at day care and you came back and no one called you to say, oh, your child is missing. that doesn't sound right to me. >> reporter: vickie says that's what happened to her dog sasha. the 10-month-old pup was being kept at the animal shelter to be spayed and registered in the district. she says she has gotten conflicting statements from personnel about what happened to the pup she adopted as a playmate for her other dog noah. >> i wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and it's like, oh, my god, what if a dog mauled her. what if they don't want to tell me. >> reporter: they say sasha somehow squeezed through the fence or the gate, but even that is in dispute.
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>> so the vice president doesn't believe the dog could have gotten out? >> exactly? and neither do you. >> no. >> reporter: i'm armando trull from channel nine. we want to talk about a missing dog. apparently they have nothing to say, at least on camera. they did have this statement. sasha ran away after her procedure and every officer of the new york avenue shelter is looking for her. >> it's like, okay, we're not going to say anything. we're just going to sweep this under the rug and it will go away. >> reporter: vickie says the shelter won't even give her a copy of the paperwork saying she allowed sasha to be spayed. >> they're covering up for something. >> reporter: so vickie isn't sure if she ran away on to busy new york avenue and got hit by a passing car or picked up by a motorist or perhaps she was mistakenly given up for adoption or she got hurt inside the shelter. the only thing she knows is sasha is gone and she may never come back. new at 11:00, a crime caught on tape. take a look at this video of a
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man stealing copper downspouts from a church. just ripping them off. it happened at st. paul's parish last week. so why steal copper? scraps of this metal go for about $3.50 a pound. if you recognize the man in, video, please call police. >> copper was once used to make pennies, but it's millions of dollars in taxpayer money that is at stake in a dispute over a music haul in silver springs. >> that's right. the development featuring a fillmore nightclub may require more tax dollars. gary nurenberg is at the site with more and why critics are calling this a sweetheart deal that wastes public money. gary. >> reporter: well, anita, there is a sign at the site, but proponents of the plan say development of this prime piece of real estate is essential for the reveet liization of silver
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-- revitalization of silver springs. it has hot spots like the american film institute and the round house theater. they broke ground on the nightclub thursday. the undeveloped block stand in stark contrast to the success of silver springs only yards away. >> one of the challenges from our efforts and price to reviet liez revitalize silver spring has been this block. >> reporter: the state and county were each to kick in $4 million to make the deal attractive to a company called live nation that owns the fillmore name. but construction delays mean cost overruns of about $3 million, much to be swallowed by taxpayers. >> it went from a bad deal to an awful deal. >> reporter: the counsel should have been part of the undated plan. >> they just announced yesterday they're cutting the library in silver spring by $3 million, almost the amount that they found for live nation.
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so what is more important? should this money be in the library or a rock club. >> reporter: at a time when rent is more than $30 a square foot, they call for rent of about $3 a square foot. the county administration and state say taxpayers will benefit. >> you will see a return on your investment that we will have to help generations of people in montgomery counties for years to come. >> reporter: starting with the construction. >> that is going to create 130 construction jobs and a number of jobs, permanent jobs. and it's going to result in about $2 million annually in revenues to state and local government. >> reporter: still, think we could have gotten a better deal and i think we wouldn't have had to spend as many tax dollars. >> reporter: the list of complaints about this deal is really too long for tv, but not for the courtroom where the legality of the deal and the process through which it was reached has been challengeded. derek and anita. early voting kicked off today in maryland.
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voters approved early balloting back in 2008 but this is the first time it's been put into action. dozens came out to the polls in silver spring. they'll be open every day this weekend. dc is also using early voting this year. you can find a list of all of the locations in the district and maryland at just click on 9 news extras. caught on tape, a cop stomped on the head of a suspect but somehow he gets off the hook. we'll explain. plus a father uses a popular networking social site to help find his long lost daughter. topper. >> still a little muggy out here. 8:00 in the morning comfortable. lots of sunshine. it will be breezy. winds west northwest 10-15. we'll tell if
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a three-month-old kitten is dead after being beaten with a broom inside a southeast dc home last month. >> that is according to a
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washington humane society statement out today. 30-year-old ronnie nelson has been charged with animal cruelty. the cat's owner says he was angry that the kitten wouldn't get off the couch at his girlfriend's home. >> he called my cousin angela on the phone and he told her, you know, the cat was on the couch and i hit her and she is shaking all over the place and everything. and he left. leaving the children there to watch the cat die. >> the humane society says the blow cracked the kitten's skull and that two young boys did, in fact, witness all of this happening. nelson could face felony charges based on dc code. police say he was already on parole for another crime. a seattle police officer caught on camera yelling a racially charged threat and then stomping on a suspect's head will not face hate crime charges. now, take a look at this video. you can see the suspect is on the ground and the officer rears back and kicks him in the head. well, this happened back in april. officers had arrested the men in connection to an armed robbery
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but after months of review, the kane county prosecutors said no hate crime. >> you have to randomly select a victim based on the characteristics of race or ethnicity or perceived sexual orientation or a list of other attributes and then go up and want to cause fear in that person. >> the police officer in question along with at least five other cops, however, remain under scrutiny by internal affairs for possible other violations of department policy. well, water usually helps to put fires out. but for one man in west virginia, he is a bit worried that this water may do exactly the opposite. you see, he says he started to smell natural gas after crews dug a water well in his back yard. and since then, he's actually been able to light his water on fire. you don't want that. >> no. >> they are now using bottled water for cooking and cleaning until this can all be sorted out. the gas company says we don't know. now, for those who argue that staying in touch digitally
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is in impersonal, this next story might change your mind. >> imagine finding your daughter of 30 years. he had lost contact with his daughter danielle norris after parting ways with her mom years ago. all that has changed thanks to father and daughter connecting first on facebook and finally in person at the airport. >> this is the best feeling in the world. >> this is something people need to hear and see that there is a need for fathers to be connected to their children. and the fathers that may have been in the same situation that i was in. >> well, the last time earl saw his daughter danielle before this, she was just six weeks old. a month of texting, emailing and calling led up to the reunion. danielle brought along her own two children to share in the happy moment. >> i knew that whole facebook thing was good for something. >> something. >> it can be good. >> you can find people after years. >> exactly. >> that was fantastic. >> it was. actually there is a weak
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cold front pushing through right now. a couple of sprinkles out there. here is the forecast first. it will lead to a very nice weekend. here is the forecast first. 52-72 by morning. the next three days we're looking at temps in the 60s and 70s in the morning. mostly sunny and breezy. the winds will pick up west, northwest at about 10-15. so keep that in mind. but really for bicycling or jogging, you are in great shape. by afternoon mostly sunny, spectacular. high temps below 80. winds will increase west northwest 10-20. i suspect it could have said windy, but i went with breezy. either way a spectacular day. here is the zone forecast. only in the 60s in oakland on saturday. some showers possible west of the divide. 75 in cumberland. partly sunny. very nice hagerstown. martinsburg, winchester, mid to
1:54 am
upper 70s. culpeper 81. warrenton, manassas, around 79. 81 at andrews. low 80s down towards southern maryland and in the 70s for annapolis. there is a small craft advisory for the bay and the tidal potomac for saturday for these winds. winds west northwest 10-20. waves 10-12 feet on the bay. a bright day. boaters need to be aware of that. by sunday winds will calm down somewhat. high temps near 80. waves close to two feet. probably closer to one foot. if you're going to the beaches, a great weekend except for the residual rip current. so keep that in mind. it's going to still be a little tricky. try to swim with a lifeguard at the beach if you can. little brisk. winds out of the north at 10-15. winds will calm down on sunday at about ten. i think the rips will calm down too by sunday as well. our next seven days, just spectacular tomorrow.
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80. nice on sunday, 79. a little warmer for labor day, 86. look at the temperatures. low tomorrow 58. that is downtown. low on sunday night 60. that is downtown. we're talking sweaters if you're out late saturday night or sunday night, believe it or not. then a little bit warmer for labor day. and, remember, a lot of pools are going to close after labor day. you'll be able to swim. and then a little hot, just briefly. it can't get hot for very long. 90 on tuesday and wednesday. a little cooler on thursday 82. >> top, after monday, leave the white shoes home. >> that is correct. >> okay. >> leave the white socks at home. >> labor day, no more white. niger is in big trouble. >> he lost his mind. >> yes. he has quickly become baseball's enemy number one. morgan gets the book thrown at him by baseball. we'll tell you how long he is going to be out. but the redskins brace for final me get a good job,
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but i needed help paying for it. my guidance counselor told me about federal student aid and i couldn't wait to fill out the free application. my name is chris. i'm going to be a medical assistant. i'm going to help people.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> so morgan doesn't have a file at the major league office. he has a whole draw. the nats center fielder was already suspended seven games last week for getting into some beef with fans in philadelphia and today he got bounced for eight games more. today's suspension stemming from three separate incidents that went down with morgan during the middle part of last week. the big one is this bench clearing brawl. the league office also citing two other incidents. one where morgan went over a catcher and the other where he jawed with some fans in miami. nats manager were also suspended today. morgan appealing those suspensions, so he was in the lineup as the nats visited pittsburgh tonight and the dc
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nine took an early lead. 1-0 nats. but hernandez got roughed up for eight runs in four innings. ryan with his 8th jack of the year. it is almost 11:30, so you're probably close to drifting off to sleep. but rest assured there are about three dozen guys in and around ashburg, virginia tonight who aren't going to get a wink. that's because they might be losing their job tomorrow. mike shanahan and company will trim from 75 down to 53. veterans and many others are on the bubble tonight. and no matter how many times you've been through this drill, it is not a pleasant feeling. >> you really can't think about it. because, like i said, for me i know if it's not here, it will be somewhere else just based on my play and the pre-season and training camp and stuff like that. but we can't worry about it. it's just part of business. >> good attitude. meanwhile the redskins receiving core may be getting even more
2:00 am
crowded. the seattle sea hawks released tj tonight. nfl network is reporting that the redskins, shocker, along with the raiders and vikings are the three teams interested in picking him up. serena williams unable to play but still showing up to support big sis. venus didn't need much help. ryan harrison lost in the 5th set. we're going to take a little break right here. when we come back, school is in. our first edition of, operation football. a full slate of games from around the region, including take two for natalie randolph at cool ij. all your highlights on
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and we welcome you back to our first edition of, operation football. bringing you coverage every friday night. and not hard to justify why stone bridge westfield is the first game of the week. they ranked 9th in the state of virginia and undefeated in league play last week. stone bridge ranked third in the whole dc metro and has won the virginia state title the last three years. this was pretty much a defensive struggle from the get go. first possession second half, gang tackled, coughs it up. tyrone walker on the ball. kendell anderson a couple of cut backs. good backing. 15 yards weaving. however, on the next play anderson again seems to be
2:04 am
headed for a touchdown but he loses the rock. stone bridge recovers and holds on for a hard fought 7-3 win. in virginia, meanwhile, oakton at madison. fireworks right out of the gate. opening kickoff madison's joe corrigan. he's got it. he don't got it. stripped. oakton recovers. he's gone. 7-0 oakton. jimmy boone a bullet to luke willis. he makes the catch and gets in. oakton rolls 49-21. in the district tonight, power house h.d. woodson taking on collegiate. friendship in blue and gold quarterback martis anderson keeps it himself. eight yards stretches across the line and there would be more from them. here is a little frake screen and the draw. he takes it to the house. friendship led this game 20-0 at one point. woodson with a late score here with a

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